I've been playing Bass Guitar professionally for many years, 

and I've been fortunate enough to own and play some very fine instruments.
Recently, I became interested in buying a bass made by ATELIER Z Guitarworks; their model JHJ-189.
This is a very unique and powerful bass, combining J-J and MM pickups with an East preamp.

I would not have been able to purchase this great instrument without the services of Akiy.

Akiy has a number of fine Japanese-built instruments available for purchase overseas.
His prices are quite reasonable- The shop ships via EMS- 
I received my order in less than 5 days from date of purchase!

It arrived in excellent condition, set-up professionally and ready to play!
I've already placed my next order-This time for a KILLER Criminal bass,
an exceptional instrument that is almost impossible to find,even in Japan,
let alone here in Los Angeles, California!

No worries!
Akiy made it happen and I expect to be playing this extraordinary bass soon!

I would recommend Samurai-guitar to anyone who has the desire for a unique, 
high-quality guitar that otherwise would not be available outside of Japan.

Larry Neal Jenkins
Los Angeles, CA


Thank you.
The guitar was even better than I had hoped for.
I have great admiration for the way you run your business.
The guitar was packed beautifully. I will recommend you to every musician I know.

Yes, you may use my letter of reference and my name. I am proud to be associated your fine work.
The packaging was amazing. You obviously took great care.
The origami swan and guitar cloth were nice also.
I honestly believe that Japanese luthiers are held to a higher standard than North American luthiers.
I look forward to purchasing many more instruments from you.
It has been a pleasure. Keep up the fine work.

Thank you very much,

With Great Respect,
Lindsay Bucknell


 Hi Aki  

-First off, I love this guitar! It's an very important addition to my collection. The tone is outstanding, it's very light and resonant. The condition is fantastic and basically flawless in every way. This 1994-1954 version was never sold with a V-serial number in the USA, it is similar to the USA 40th model however much rarer and made with an authentic body shape. The Yammano Providence is very desirable in the USA, because it is believed that the rare Japan Export models are made to the highest standard that Fender could provide. You did a great job with the packing and the extra Thank you so much for working with me and accepting my offer. The guitar is in good hands and will be kept in it's fine condition with in my vault. I do paly all my guitars and just played this guitar earlier today, it's an absolute joy to play or even just hold in your hands!


- Barry 


Hi Aki,
I have to tell you it plays wonderful and the Bacchus humbucker pick ups sound awesome as well.
Very pleased.!
To take a chance on a guitar I've never held in my hands before I never do.
But this SG style looked to good to resist.
And the antique white looks like butter cream.
I'm happy.A great sounding and playing guitar plus it looks like a work of art.
And the thick neck is perfect for my big hands.
As you said I got lucky and I did. Thank you!!
Hate to say this but this Bacchus guitar is much better value than the 2500.00$ issue Gibson's.
Or for that matter 5000.00 Gibson's.
Its a awesome guitar because it has that tone you can feel in your hands when you play.
It vibrates right thru your soul.
What a great made guitar.Its alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Customer service is amazing, and I have to say that I have never received such amazing customer service before. Akiy were able to source the items I was after and offer the best price going around. They were able to organise all of the purchases over in Japan and organise all of the shipping via EMS very quickly. My items would generally arrive within a week. Communication was excellent, and they kept me notified throughout the whole process. Although Akiy is in Japan their English is excellent and have no issues at all communicating with them.

I will happily continue to deal with you in future and look forward to my next purchases with them.

Keep up the great work!